The Cast of Beyond Ringside Sports Radio
(Updated April 13, 2021)



Beyond Ringside - Sundays at 6:30pm Eastern
Starring Fast Eddie Layne & Mark "MaBo" Bowman

Originally Known as "Your Rock N Wrestling Radio Show".. Beyond Ringside started on WZJT 92.5fm. Creator and Host "Fast" Eddie Layne, with Co-Hosts "Big Daddy" Guff Grayson, "ZenMaster DMc" Doug McGary, and "Late Nite" Loyd Riley, sought to give Independent Wrestling a Voice. Now, in 2014... that voice is even stronger than ever. With a Full Time Online Radio Station and a Podcast that reaches over 40 Countries.. and adding MMA, Boxing and other sports to the discussion.. Eddie, Mark "MaBo" Bowman, & The Wicked Nemesis continue to tackle the hot button topics in Wrestling and bring different perspectives to the table.


Did We Survive Monday? If So.. Then You'll find "Back to Basics" ready to roll on Tuesday evenings. Join Phil Stamper, Eddie Layne and some very special guest hosts as they take a look at some of the current happenings in Wrestling and Entertainment.


The Beyond Ringside Shooters Gallery
Thursdays at 9:30pm Eastern
Starring Shane Noles, Xyrdreas (Ted Guinness) and Eddie Layne

Getting Ready for the Weekend... Well So Are We. The Shooters Gallery takes a very unabridged look at things happening in Wrestling, Sports And Entertainment. Join Shane, Xyrdreas, and Eddie for a show where "Everything is On The Table, and Nothing is Off The Record.









Your Host & Creator of BR
Eddie Layne
        Phil Stamper
Joined 2015
  Greg Troxell
Joined 2022
Shane Noles
Joined 2015
Ted Guinness
Joined 2013
        Stan Grubb
Joined 2016
Mark "MaBo" Bowman
Joined: 2009
        Billy Schmitke
Joined 2019

The Wicked Nemesis
Joined 2010


Beyond Ringside Alumni Section  
Robert Cosper
Joined 2013
Andy Hudson
Member Since 2002
Chase Pearson
Member Since: 1999
Tasha Simone
Joined 2013
Brooks Logan
Joined: 2011
Photo Coming Soon Paul Wells
Joined 2012
Original Cast
The Man Called Evil
Member Since: 1999
Co-Host: Original Cast
Guff Grayson
Years Pro: 14yrs
Original Cast
The UnderStudy
Member Since 1999
Original Cast
"The Hitman BDC"
Member since 1999

Co-Host: Original Cast
ZenMaster DMc
Member Since 1998

Original Cast
Late Nite Loyd Riley
Member Since 1998