(Updates from Station Owner Eddie Layne, who is responsible for all content.)

February 14, 2019:
The Calendar Page is Back. Since Phil Stamper and I have been dealt some headaches by Facebook (Gee, What A Damn Surprise), I stepped up the plans for resetting the page. Check it out.

Station is updated with all recent programming.

Program Note: "Beyond Ringside Live" will broadcast at a special start time of 5:00pm before The Elimination Chamber PPV.

Feb. 6, 2019
Station is back to Full Steam Ahead. Podcast feeds are up to date.
The Media page has been caught up with 2019 shows, but is still very much behind. But that is a project that will be ongoing.
Finally got the original FB Friends page back. I had to change the 'working name' of the account from "Beyond Ringside' to my name, but the intent is still the same.

Thank You to Everyone who has been subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

Pinned Note: March 30, 2017 - Plans have been restarted to push for the release of the Apple App for BR Radio... Until Then, Please join us by using the TuneIn Radio Mobile App.
If you are viewing this page on Your Apple Device and have TuneIn installed: Click Here

Update: Please remember.. you can listen to all live programming on our sister station: ProWrestlingRadio.net
We simulcast all live programming through there... and the Player is compatible with Apple Mobile Devices.

Thank You to Everyone who has downloaded The Beyond Ringside Radio App for Blackberry, and Amazon is Now Available.

Beyond Ringside is Now Available on IHeartRadio and their Mobile App.
You can catch replays of BR Live, Back To Basics, and Saturday Showcase through This Link.