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Mark "Mabo" Bowman Facebook Twitter

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Phil Stamper (Twitter)

The Shooters Gallery
Shane Noles (Twitter)

The To Be Determined Show (Facebook), (Twitter)
Wicked Nemesis Facebook Twitter
Angie Tsarion (Facebook), (Twitter)
Clyde Braddock (Facebook) (Twitter)
Steve Stiles (Facebook) (Twitter)

Corner 2 Corner Radio Show (Twitter)
Stan Grubb (Facebook) (Twitter)
Rob Hefner (Twitter)
Brian Taylor (Twitter)

The Midnight Black Mass (YouTube)
Rev Dan Wilson (Facebook) (Twitter)

TeknoAxe Music (Where we get a lot of the Royalty Free Music that we use. Letter of Permission is available on request)
(Website), (Facebook), (Twitter), (YouTube)

Alumni, Friends and Extended Family

Distant Thunder Radio (Main Website)
Tasha SimoneFacebook Twitter
Ted Guinness Facebook Twitter
Matt Denton: Twitter Facebook

Wrestling, MMA, Boxing and Sporting Organizations

Global Championship Wrestling (Main Website)
Peachstate Wrestling Alliance (Main Website) (Twitter)
Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment (Main Website) (Twitter)
Ring of Honor Wrestling (Main Website)
Combat Zone Wrestling (Main Website)
National Wrestling Alliance (Main Website)

Strikehard Productions MMA (Main Website)
Sportfight X MMA (Main Website)
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